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ANNABOONE is a small brand from the Netherlands based in Arnhem. 
The face behind the brand is Anna Boone, born in 1990 and a Product
Design graduate from ArtEZ Academy of the Arts in Arnhem (2014).
She also studied at the Dutch Healthtec Academy with Shoe Craft and
Design in Utrecht. 

In her work she focuses on a graphic and elementary research. She
starts with limitless experimentation. Her work is characterized by folding
techniques, an eye for detail and a clean and pure image. Items must be
functional and perfect for your daily life. 

She loves to work with leather, a beautiful and durable material wich only
gets better with age. She works with limited edtions. Which means items
are not made in large-scale productions. All items are handmade with love
by the hand of ANNABOONE. You will always have a unique item, and
even sometimes the only one that is ever made.
If items are out of stock, it is always possible to order a new one, but

sometimes, it may be there is a slight difference in colour and texture of
the leather.

From September 2015 ANNABOONE is accredited by SBB
As an accredited training company she offers traineeships for disciplines
like leather and textile.

If you are interested in one of the items, or have any questions or comments,
please feel free to contact her any time!




                        KOEKWAUS Den Bosch
                        CONCEPTSTORE 21 Den Bosch
                        GATHERSHOP Amsterdam
                        PIETER & TOSCH Amsterdam
                        WEARELABELS Amsterdam


10 Apr 2015LABEQ'S BAG SHOW @ ACEC Apeldoorn
5 dec - 4 jan| SPROUTS#4 @ KUNST & DESIGN FAIR Amsterdam
20 Sept| MAMA'S ART STORE @ 7days of happening festival
Jul 2014| Graduated at ArtEZ Product Design
Jul 2014| ArtEZ Finals Exhibition
Jul 2014| Nominated for Stipendium Price, Groote Sociëteit Arnhem
Sept - Jul 2009| ArtEZ Fashion Design
Sept - May| KABK, Royal academy of Arts, The Hague. Orientation year.












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